Our Mission & Vision

Implement GMA's dream project of Group Health Insurance Plan for all its members at the earliest.

GMA to have own office building, school, library, child care centre, and co-operative society. With these targets in mind, GMA has to give a petition to the honourable Chief Minister of Haryana.

To form a Crisis Management Cell to meet eventualities such as accidents, deaths, and diseases.

To start a Women's Wing within GMA to empower and sensitize women on various aspects like self employment and numerous issues faced by them.

To conduct more and frequent medical camps. Also GMA envisages plans to get avail concessional treatment for its members in various hospitals across Gurgaon.

Give financial aid to students of economically weaker families.  This facility is given to children of families, whose monthly income is less than Rs 7500. Needy are requested to get in touch with the office bearers of GMA.

As a part of Onam celebration, GMA has decided to organize Tug-of-War, sports and badminton competitions.

To enhance the creativity and the radical abilities in children, organize varied cultural competitions during the X'mas and New Year festivities.

GMA to grow fast into the adjacent areas, garnering more and more members. Efforts are in place.

To form a Nurses/Para Medical Forum to address the issues faced by these professionals in their job.

Conduct awareness classes among the youth against excessive smoking, drinking and drug abuse.

To develop sapport and lobby with ministers, commissioners, senior police officials, counselors, MPs, MLAs,  and other political heavy weights of Gurgaon and make them aware of the activities of GMA. This may enable it draw many benefits for the Malayalee community in and around Gurgaon.

To lead our kids into a wonderful and imaginary world of colours and images, GMA to organize drawing and painting competitions. Also to give impetus to the skills and abilities of the children, it has plans to conduct competitions in elocution, music, dance, mono-act and so on.

To fulfill these ambitions and to enlist all the Malaya lees under one umbrella, we look forward to have the whole-hearted support of each and every member. Also we solicit creative and valuable suggestions and guidance of every one for the better functioning and the growth of Guggaon Malayalee Association.